DOWN2. Accommodation of married couples not good (5) rooms. The bride and groom (Grooms) without voucher (G.3. Throng see Idol in Savoy Opera (3,10) The Gondoliers. Anagram (performing) from the crowd see the idol. I did not know the connection with the Savoy Opera, but it turns out that the Gondoliers were created on December 7, 1889 at the Savoy Theatre and ran for 554 very successful performances that ended on June 30, 1891.4. For God`s sake, I recognize Henry (5) Shane, not a name that`s immediately available to me. Sensitive (sane) admission Henry (H.5. Could Europe dance around them? (7) Maibaum. Might (may), European (Pole). A few weeks early, but a beautiful memory of spring on this pleasant weather.6.

Dabbler, with a fresh start, finally in the promotion of aggressiveness (6-7) Rabble-. Dabbler (Dabbler) with a new starting letter from (R -rabble-r) ultimate letters from into (O), use (using).7. Agent, company, framework agreement (7) Agreement. The warning framework (contains) the answer. Ag (ent ente) rprising.10. Do something in the law (3) law. Double definition.13. In terms of important, ancient periods, in a chapel transformed (7). Epochale.

Alt (O) in a chapel anagram (reconstructed).14 The class of favor was engraved by the routine rosette (7). Class (set) in routine (red). Set, as part of the response, created some confusion because of beset in the Clue.15. My stupid mistake, say, show the deer (3) Doe. Homophone (say) a common term of use on this side, if one recognizes a stupid error (doh).17. Lucky planet without copper? (5) Happy. Planet (mercury) without copper (CU).18. Look carefully, time is not plentiful (5) Scant. Look carefully (scan), time (T). I wasn`t on Hurley`s wavelength today, so it was a pretty biting solution. The last of 4ac was entered in 12 minutes corresponding to yesterday`s time.

3dn was probably holding me the highest as described below. COD at 15dn for its relevance to me today! I had fun writing most of the blog with voice recognition today. This means it is in a slightly different format. I hope it`s not riddled with typos and that you`ll still be able to follow it. ACROSS1. The incantations will first hold their goal (4) of writing. First letters of will, restraint, purpose and objective.4. County season, we hear, decreeSomerset. Homophone of the season, the (summer), prescribed (set).8. GirlThe cove tie me to the return (8)Rosemary. Prayers (Rosaire) with me upside down.9. Taking firmly hold the hairs regularly (4) bite as in the clutch begins to bite.

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