(d) One of the parties wishes to modify, convert, share or transfer the property that the new corporation does not wish or does not want to implement in the contract – use the capital loan amount as a purpose and implement all other content in this contract; Article 2: Purpose of using the capital loan amount – The articles of this contract may be amended in accordance with the party`s agreement. Any amendment, addition is signed by a document with the agreement of two parties and they are incorporated into this contract and have no influence on the validity of other articles of this Treaty. All disputes over this treaty that will arise during its implementation will end first with amicable negotiations and mediation. In cases where there is no agreement on such negotiation and mediation, the dispute is referred to a competent court in Hanoi for final decision under Vietnamese law. The loan amount is used for the following projects: – The capital loan date is 05 (five) years, from November, November 1, 2012 to October 31, 2012 After discussion, the two parties agreed as follows: – Design and construction of industry and civil engineering (including the hospital). The credit contract must have the following content: credit terms; The purpose of using loans The form of the loan The amount of the loan Interest rates The term of the loan The form of security, the value of security; repayment method Other commitments are agreed upon by the parties. Economics major – refundable loan agreement > See also: Is it normal to borrow student credits without pay? Do students receive loan assistance? Credit limit for a customer Article 8: Modification, supplement and payment of contracts. – This contract will come into force after the signing of the contracting parties – The import, export and distribution of distribution products have the HS codes: -Require Part A to implement the duties and obligations under this contract. What is the credit contract? Definition, concept, declaration of meaning, examples and instructions for the use of the credit agreement – Definition Agreement – Economy – Subsidiaries, subsidiaries of credit institutions or companies controlling credit institutions.

Article 10: Validity and number of versions of the contract – Do you have the rights and obligations as set out in the Part A operating regulations; – Repair and maintenance services (for all types of medical equipment). – The company has one of the topics mentioned in Article 1, Article 126 of the Credit Institutions Act 2010, which holds more than 10% of the chartered capital of that company 7.2 If one of the above cases appears in Article 7.1, the party terminating the contract must inform the remaining part 15 (15) days in advance.

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