Separation of law does not end a marriage while divorce ends a marriage. Separation of rights determines the same issues as a divorce (support, custody, etc.), but at the end of the day, you are still married. You cannot remarry at the end of a separation procedure. On the other hand, you can remarry at the end of a divorce. Georgian law does not recognize the notion of separation from the law. This does not prevent couples who are simply unwilling or unwilling to participate in the divorce process from separating informally. During this phase of separation, the couple can determine the most appropriate modus operandi for the family. Often after a period of separation, couples determine that seeking a divorce or initiating a separate maintenance measure (see below) is the most appropriate procedure. In other cases, couples choose to simply remain separated informally, especially in cases where no significant children or assets are affected and neither spouse seeks the assistance of the other spouse. While couples are advised to find a definitive solution to issues such as child custody, custody and alimony by purchasing a divorce decree, there are several reasons why a couple can stay separated instead of seeking divorce. For example, couples may want to separate, but remain married for the following reasons: There is no “legal separation” in the state of Georgia. So what do you do if you don`t want to live with your spouse anymore, but you don`t want to officially end the marriage? The answer, in Georgia, is called “separate maintenance.” Informal separation or post-ascendancy agreements in Georgia, although not recognized by the state as being sealtics of separation, may be a good option for couples who want to continue to obtain the legal and financial benefits of marriage without living together.

Divorce processes have the potential to wage long, long and difficult battles, which both sides often leave blunt and emotional. With this said, more and more couples have recently begun to decide for disputes alternatives such as mediation or arbitration. Less often, however, some couples try to avoid litigation by avoiding the divorce process altogether, opting for either a separation or a separate support action. The effect of a separation without dissolution is not the end of the marriage. Instead, individuals are only separated, but still legally married. Legal separation only determines issues related to marriage (for example. B custody, support, etc.). As a result, the couple must follow court orders regarding property, sped assistance, custody of the children and much more.

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