Can the seller refuse to extend the deadline? The parties used the 2017 agreement to buy or sell. Execution date: you indicate the date on which this plan was executed, as indicated on the original document. Write down the day, month, and year. The buyer may request additional time to process the mortgage application. The sales contract allows an automatic extension of up to 14 days. This document is used when the parties involved enter into an agreement to extend the date on which the buyer can close the property. The extension may be caused by unforeseen circumstances, including, but not limited to, issues related to the title, the buyer`s desire to sell his property, the buyer`s financing or any other reason accepted by the seller. In a case where the seller does not feel the need to grant an extension under the sales contract, he may request that the deposit be refunded to the buyer. The buyer area is the first at the end of this document. They must provide a valid signature, print their name and enter the current date in the “Buyer`s Signature”, “Print Name” and “Date” (each) spaces. The “seller`s signature” line must be signed by the seller who signed the original contract….

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