Donna – I`m sorry, but I`m not an expert on American Social Security. You need to contact them to see how much your SS is reduced under the PAM. Hello Doug – thank you for that information. In my situation, I am a nurse and have worked on TN visas for about 7 years in total in the United States. I have worked in Canada for 25 years. So, when it comes time to retire, do I have to apply for both Social Security, CPP and PAO and receive these benefits individually? It`s true? Thank you for clearing up the confusion about all of this. In any event, I will wait a few more years before applying for benefits under either of the two programs. In the meantime, I will depend on the returns on my investments and U.S. Social Security to fund my part-time work. Finally, I know that mainland China has a social security agreement with Canada. Is it justified for the Canadian OAS and, if so, would it have an impact on their United States? .

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