If the university and staff have reached an agreement in accordance with paragraph 37.3 on a change in the work rules that deviates from the change initially desired by the employee, the university must provide the staff with a written response to their question, which sets out the changes agreed in the employment agreements. 18.9 In the event of a change by agreement in the number of annualized ordered hours for which staff are recruited, the university and the staff of the annualized hours shall ensure that appropriate consultation agreements in terms of remuneration and hours have been concluded from the date of entry into force of such amendment. Paragraph 37.3 applies if the university rejects the application and has not reached an agreement with the staff referred to in paragraph 37.2. 25.6 In agreement with the university, an employee may take extended annual leave at a proportionately lower rate of pay (for example. B 20 days of half-pay leave instead of 10 days of leave with full pay). 29.20.1 with the agreement of the parties, an informal conference with the parties who agree in advance to accept a recommendation of the arbitrator; or 17.2 In order to facilitate the safe return of staff to work on campus, the university and a professional (who is not a shift worker) may agree that the professional employee may begin or complete work up to 2 hours before or up to two hours after his normal schedule (but not exceeding 20 hours); Monday to Friday. This measure shall be subject to the condition of the agreement and any considerations relating to health and safety at work. If such an agreement is reached, the professional employee is not entitled to overtime rates or work penalties for the period worked before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m. under the agreement. 36.8 The right to enter into an agreement under this clause is in addition to a provision relating to an agreement between the University and a single staff member, which is contained in another provision of this Agreement, and shall not affect it elsewhere. 17.3 Any agreement entered into in accordance with clause 17.2 must be in writing and contain the end date of the agreement, which may be renewed by agreement.

79.11 An officer who receives a salary that is not higher than the salary prescribed for the top of the ladder of a level 7 worker may, by mutual agreement between the employee and the university obtained before overtime work, take, instead of overtime pay, a leave calculated in the same manner as that provided for in clause 79.9 for the payment of overtime worked. Before answering a question under section 65, the university must discuss the request with the employee and make a serious effort to reach an agreement on a change in the work rules that takes due account of the employee`s circumstances, taking into account: 57.6 If the employee or his or her selected representative requests, within 14 days of the report being made available: The Vice-Chancellor may not terminate the agent`s employment relationship in accordance with clause 57.5 unless the results of the report are confirmed by an independent specialist appointed by the Vice-Chancellor with the agreement of the President of the NTEU Branch of Monash University (or the Delegate). 74.2 Staff in the position to be filled shall be consulted prior to any changes and all changes shall generally be made by mutual agreement between the university and the staff.

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