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Tag 24. September 2021

Isda 2019 Security Agreement

The Clearstream Security Agreement is a standard framework agreement that defines security interests over the collateral held by Clearstream. The latter version should be used when the parties wish to adopt the recommended amendments to the 2017 Clearstream Security… Weiterlesen →

Interpretation Of Franchise Agreement

Franchising has proven to be a very popular business model since its inception. It`s easy to see why. Franchising offers companies the opportunity to grow quickly and cheaply in different markets. A company will fulfill this mission by licensing… Weiterlesen →

Indo Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement Customs Notification

The Government of India shall grant duty-free access to all exports from Sri Lanka in respect of goods freely imported into India, with the exception of the items listed in Annex D to this Agreement, in accordance with the… Weiterlesen →

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